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Star Glo

Over the past 25 years, Star-Glo Top Dress has become "The Ultimate Top Dress" in livestock show circles across America.

Star-Glo has earned the respect of the competitive livestock showing industry by simply producing visible results.

Star-Glo produces results so well because it was designed by a man who has raised and shown livestock competitively for over 40 years. Bill Hill developed Star-Glo as an alternative to other top dress products because the other could not produce desired show ring results. Through his research and show industry experience, Bill was able to develop a top dress that produces noticeable effects in all species. Due to the increased demand for Star-Glo, it will now be distributed through multiple channels to improve availabilty in more areas. If you can't find it, contact us.

Fed on a daily regimen, Star-Glo prevents excessive build-up of fat deposits on the lower one-third of the animal. Star-Glo helps enhance the overall firmness of the animal, and will freshen the look of the animal, making it appear more youthful. Fed up to the highest rate, Star-Glo will help control the weight and finish of the animal.

Let Star-Glo be the tool used in controlling your animal's condition and growth. Consumed in accordance to the guide, Star-Glo will help optimize your animal for the upcoming show season.

  • Designed to be fed to all species
  • Highly fortified with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • 40% Protein - 2.6% Lysine - 3% Fat
  • Fed to more champions than any other feed additive on the market today

It's The Ultimate Top Dress!

Crude Protein
Min - 40.00%
Min - 2.60%
Crude Fat
Min - 3.00%
Crude Fiber
Min - 4.00%
Max - 8.00%
Acid Detergent Fiber
Max - 9.00%
Min - 1.40%
Max - 1.90%
Min - 0.70%
Min - 0.50%
Max - 1.00%
Min - 1.10%
Min - 300 PPM
Min - 0.30 PPM
Vitamin A
Min - 13,350 IU/LB

Baby Lambs
Up to 2 oz/hd/day
Show Lambs
Up to 1 lb/hd/day
Dairy Calves
Up to ¼ lb/hd/day
Lactating Cows
Up to ½ lb/hd/day
Show Cattle
½ - 8 lb/hd/day
Brood Sows
Up to ½ lb/hd/day
Up to ½ lb/hd/day
Up to ¼ lb/hd/day
Baby Pigs
Up to ⅛ lb/hd/day
Show Hogs
Up to 5 lb/hd/day
Gestating & Lactating sows
Up to ¼ lb/hd/day
Up to ¼ lb/hd/day
Growing Rabbits
Up to ½ TSP/hd/day
Lactating Does
Up to ½ TBS/hd/day
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